Frequently Asked Questions

Who's this programme for?

Our programme is for software engineers and academics who want to learn industry leading machine learning techniques.

What do we look for in a candidate?

We look for technical experience, curiosity, diligence and a passion for learning. Being good to work with helps too.

What are the hours for the intensive?

Days run Monday-Friday from 9 am until 6 pm. You will be given 24/7 access to the campus.

Where is the campus?

2 Appleby Yard, SE10 0BJ

How do I get in touch?

Who is eligible for the apprenticeship government funding?

If you are a UK citizen, you are eligible for funding if you have been an ordinarily resident in the UK or Europe for the last three years. If you are not a UK citizen, you are eligible if you have lived in the UK continuously for the last three years. You are eligible for funding if you are a refugee or have asylum status. There are several other ways you might be eligible. View the full eligibility criteria. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email us at

Who runs the programme?